What Does it Mean When You Throw Up Yellow?

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Generally, throwing up yellow bile is not that much severe health condition and also won’t kill you. At the same time, you also don’t ignore or neglect it to take treatment. So, if you want to get rid of throwing yellow up, stomach pain and other causes on the stomach like nausea, then you need to keep away your body from dehydration and other things that make it worse the condition.

In order to avoid this kind of problems, there are so many natural home remedies and medications are available in these days, but it is very important to know about it to prevent in future. So, what does it mean when you throw up yellow bile? Keep continue your reading of this section to know the meaning and also the reasons for this condition.

What does it mean when you throw up yellow?

First of all, bile is a kind of digestive fluid that is produced by the liver, because it plays a vital role in the digestion process and also breaks down hard to digest foods. So, this is produced by the liver and contains acid that helps the liver to do the digestion process easily and also absorbs the fat too. At the same time, this bile is not coming out, when you’re vomiting or sphincter opens up. But, it should mix with the foods and flows to the stomach backward.

This is the reason for the yellow bile while vomiting and your vomit will also turn from brown to yellow. This is because the saturation of the liquid makes the changes on the color. This is the meaning for throwing up yellow bile. Not only you but also one and all people should face this problem at least once in their life. When you experience this problem, you need to consult about this with your doctor to avoid the severe problem associated with it.

Causes of throwing up yellow bile

Prior to taking treatment for yellow vomiting, it is better to know the causes of yellow bile. When it comes to the yellow bile, there are so many reasons associated with it and some of those are as follows:

Intestinal blockage

Intestinal blockage is one of the causes of yellow bile and as well as a very dangerous condition too. If you missed taking a proper treatment for a problem with intestinal, then there should a blockage occur and blocks foods passing through it to the stomach. So, your consumed foods flow in the opposite direction and results in vomiting.

Drug use

If you consume more and more alcohol for long period of time, it should irritate your stomach and results in yellow bile.

Similarly, there are so many reasons for throwing up yellow pile such as food poisoning, bile reflux, food allergies, gastroenteritis, empty stomach, and like more. So, at first, find the reason for yellow bile and then look for the proper treatment to avoid it.