Proven Ways to Purify Home Air

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Home air is nothing but the air which we inhale in our home. Mostly air is highly contaminated due to air pollutions in the environment. Since, the dust particles from the vehicles, factories outlet, and drainage are the main causes of air pollution. In this critical time, we are in the situation to purify our home air rather than the outside. This article is about Ways to purify the home air.

Mostly urban areas are highly affected for air pollutions rather than the rural areas. Because, lack of planting of trees and constructions of a huge number of building by the destruction of trees, lakes, river and so on. Each and every one is responsible for the same.

How to purify our home air?

Let us discuss the different ways to purify the home air. Usually, the air in the closed home (room) will be dangerous to our health. The construction of houses with proper ventilation is a most important thing to live happily. It will help to the circulation of air, by which fresh air from the outside too easily enters the home.

Some peoples are always showing interest to make indoor gardening. Since the planting of plants in the terrace and balconies will purify the home air and also adds beauty to our home.

In this mechanic world, no one is having time and showing interest to plant more trees to make a forest. At least, everyone is trying to plant more trees and plants around the home, mainly nearby to windows. It will help us to purify the air from the atmosphere and supplies fresh air to our home as well as our surroundings. Since the percentage of deforestation rate is higher than the rate of afforestation.

AC rooms and windows

In AC rooms, windows and doors are always closed. We had noticed that the performance of new AC is always higher than the old. The main function of AC is to provide cool ventilation, by absorbing the heat and dust from the placed area. Since the dust particles absorbed from the air is stored in the filter of AC. So, the air filter must be cleaned rapidly and making a proper service for our AC in a stipulated time range will improve the performance of our AC and keep our home air clean.

Some of our homes are located nearby to the traffic areas (road side). Due to heavy transportation, it will cause heavy dust in the air. Always tries to use multiples doors in the home to reduce the entry of dust into the home.

Mainly curtains are acting as the natural air filter for the windows and doors. The curtains must be cleaned rapidly. Disposal of wastages (to the dustbin) is most important.


Air pollution is an important factor for major health issues. Each and every one will take the initiative to clean their home and plant trees around their homes. It will not only useful for our home, and it also helps the surroundings.