Can Convicted Felons Get A Passport?

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We all know that the felony is a kind of crime in some states especially U.S. Before continue with this topic, we have to know about Felony. Felony is a high-level crime (Which is always considered to be a serious issue). A person (or a group of persons) undergoes such type of crimes are considered as Felons. In particular, this article is about can convicted felons get a passport.

Getting a passport

The passport is considered as a most important document to travel from one country to another country for all the peoples. Moreover, the passport is not important for the people to travel within their home country.

The passport is an international permanent identification document given to the people, by their government. Applicants will be passes through the various steps for getting a passport which may be varied over the countries. Each and every country follows different procedures for issuing a passport. Some of the important aspects are:

  • Applicant could be a citizen of that country (is the most important criterion)
  • Should submit valid educational certificate, Birth certificate and address proof
  • Police verification will be done by the applicant (among any criminal activities).

Since, after completing the verification process, the passport will be issued upon a commencement of time. Moreover, the passport will not be issued to the applicant, if they were commenced any criminal activities.

Can convicted felons get a Passport?

Yes, but not all Felons.  As per the law, punishment will be available for all types of crime. Since the severity of the punishment will be varied upon the type of crime.

Punishment will be issued to the Felons for their crime. It may be two to five years prison or punished for death.

Let us considered that, the Felon was arrested for their crime, and the judgment towards their crime is a prison for two years. After completing their punishment, the person will be released from the case. Depends upon their crime (made by the person), the person is eligible for getting a passport (in some countries).

In some cases, a person is commenced as Felon, and arrested for their crimes like murder, smuggling, Kidnapping and so on. Even though they were punished for the same, the passport will not be issued for those persons in their futures also.

And also, the passport will be freeze (Blocked) by the government, for the person who is commenced as Felons as later. But who got the passport as earlier. Since, the passport may be released later, after the punishment (depends on their crime and the country).

The punishment given to the felons will make feel them guilty of the crime made by them. And they will never do the crime again in their future. So, some countries provide another chance for the felons to get back to their normal life. Moreover, few of them are ready to accept the chance given by the government.


Getting a passport is not only an important thing. Even though, some felons can get a passport. But, some countries are not ready to allow the persons who did such serious crimes in their past.