Ansin Wireless V4.0 Bluetooth Headphone

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Are you a truck and car driver? Looking to buy the headset which offers great sound and comfortable fit? If yes, then this section is perfect for you. Here, we’re going to discuss in detail about one wonderful headset called Ansin Wireless V4.0 Bluetooth Headphones which comes with good battery life and also supports all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Features of the Ansin Wireless V4.0 Bluetooth Headphones

This headset is particularly designed for the drivers and it supports all the Bluetooth devices. It gives awesome sound quality and the features of this headset are listed below.

1. Design

It features a comfortable design and it is featured with the CSR brand chipset which gives awesome sound quality. Hence, one can easily make phone calls and hear music without any noise affect.

2. Lightweight

This lightweight design offers a comfortable fit and also provides great convenience to the users.

3. Easy to pair with other devices

This headset is easy to pair with all Bluetooth enabled devices which include laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other cell phones too.

4. Comfort

This headset offers comfort and it fits great in your left or right ear. Besides, it also comes with the voice control which allows you to say YES or No to manage the incoming calls. It is easy to pair this device and also the user can easily control this headset.


  • It works great.
  • Easy to use.
  • It gives excellent sound quality.
  • This headset is well worth your money.
  • It is quite simple to pair this headset with the mobile

5. Customer rating

The overall rating for this Ansin Wireless V4.0 Bluetooth Headphones is 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Wulfelt – Absolutely wonderful. My wife had no idea I was on a Bluetooth headset. It even comes with an extra headphone attachment that allows you to listen to anything with both ears instead of just the piece. Not really any cons… the directions seem like they used babelfish to convert from Chinese to English.. but it’s still readable. 2 thumbs up! Quality is great, syncs easily enough, sits very comfortably on my ear even when wearing my glasses. Only con is the volume control which is a spring switch up and down, I prefer a button myself, but doesn’t harm the overall experience.

Natasha – Very happy with this Bluetooth My husband drove professionally and is a huge Bluetooth snob. When his latest Voyager died, I bought this one for him. He’s just as happy with it for half the price. He especially loves the extra ear bud for listening to music. Sound quality for music and talking is great. No echoes or other unwanted noise on the other end either.


This is a highly recommended product and I have been using this headset for attending phone calls and the sound quality of this headset is quite great.

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